IT Service SOP


Windows 8 and Windows 10:

l  Please ensure that you are using Internet Explorer(IE) to connect

Edge doesnt support

Windows 8 SOP

Windows 10 SOP

l  Please add to the “Trusted Site” in Internet Options\Security page. SOP


If you are first login IT Service, please connect to modify password firstly.

If you are not first login IT Service, go to step 4 directly.

1.    Input GITS account and default passwordclick OK


2.      Change your password(Please follow password policy)


3.    Success message


4.    Connect https://iconnect.auo.comusing the latest password to log on web.


5.    Click GITS icon


6.    Click OK


7.    Input AUO Account and Password => Click OK


8.    You can log on terminal server and work at home.